Thank You

To Our Clients & Friends

Thank you! So many of you have reached out to check in with us to see how you can help. We couldn't be more grateful that you choose Duos as your preferred caterer, and that you care about us. We always knew we had the best clients and friends we could ask for. To see how far our support goes is beyond humbling.

You have shown that we are all in this together. Food may feed the soul but your support truly keeps food on the Duos staff's tables. We are forever indebted. 


Having this experience and seeing so many lose their jobs, we are also taking this opportunity to help others who may be financially burdened at this time. 

If you are able to "Pass It On", you do have the opportunity to prepay for a meal (found in the sides menu) to be picked up by local community members in need. 

Thank you again for being you and for the love you have

given to us at Duos. 

The Duos Family


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